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Enhance social resilience for a sustainable world

Our Mission

In recent years, the world has been undergoing major changes including the climate crisis and the new coronavirus.

Since the 20th century, the world’s population has grown dramatically and with it energy consumption. The proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased rapidly since 1990, and many scientists have warned that such increase is the main cause of global warming.

Earthquakes and volcanic activities are becoming more frequent and extreme across the world. The risks brought by natural disasters and weather hazards are higher than ever, not to mention other crises, such as infectious diseases, cyber-attacks, terrorism, and military unrest, that threaten our social life.

It is not without reason to say that the world would always be susceptible to crises and cannot be kept free of them.

We at Spectee aim to create a sustainable society that is resilient to crises. Using cutting-edge technologies to collect, analyze and simulate data, we can visualize risks and predict future damage.

Our Mission: Visualizing crises
Our Vision: Building social resilience for a sustainable world

Three aspects that Spectee aspires to visualize


Analysis of “what” and “where” risks exist based on the vast amount of past data.


Real-time visualization of the “present” – including the “what” and “where” based on a variety of data.


Instant prediction and simulation of what is likely to happen when a disaster or crisis occurs.

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