Spectee Pro
Cloud-based AI Solution for Disaster Prevention and Risk Management. Spectee Pro’s AI analyses a variety of crisis information in real-time, delivers situational awareness for risk response, and visualizes potential damage. Its intuitive and easy-to-understand UI keeps any situation at your fingertips so that you can stay well-informed for decision-making, disaster prevention and risk management in the event of an emergency.

How Spectee Pro Benefits You


Data Collection

Instant aggregation of all necessary information during a crisis.

Find actionable insights by filtering out the noise on social media. Narrow down countless posts from across the world to show only the information you need by event mapping and keywords.

Fully integrated with official databases, Spectee Pro allows you to obtain weather parameters, earthquake alerts, warnings, advisories, and evacuation reports in one place.

Acquire real-time visual data and live updates on road, river, and weather conditions from public cameras and sensors.



Real-time alerts that keep you ahead of any emerging situations in your vicinity.

Respond faster with the help of audio alerts on the Spectee Pro platform as well as notifications via email and in-app prompt.

Be notified via email and phone app of incidents and events happening in pre-registered locations, which can be easily customized to cater to your needs.

Centralize the management of information sourced from your team and general social media posts on just one dashboard.


Risk Analysis and Forecast

Visualization of the scale of damage and risk assessment to minimize loss

Enhance situational awareness by centrally processing and displaying various types of information such as weather, traffic, and events on one map. Make intuitive the assessment of damage and risks.

Mitigate logistical and operational risks and find optimal routes with Toyota traffic data. Any occurrence that may disrupt your logistics or operations is immediately detected through real-time analysis of data collected from vehicles on the road.

Prediction of flood areas and possible damage based on the latest weather parameters, satellite images, and past data aggregated by AI.

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