Spectee Pro to be launched in the Philippines – Selected for JICA’s SMEs and SDGs Business Support Project, Spectee aims to launch its service in 2024

Spectee has been selected by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) to expand the service of Spectee Pro into the Philippines.

Spectee Pro is a real-time AI disaster prevention and crisis management service that is being widely used in Japan. Now its “Dissemination, Demonstration, and Business Development Project for Real-time AI Crisis Management Information System” is to become part of JICA’s SME and SDGs Business Support Project.


What is JICA’s SMEs and SDGs Business Support Project?

JICA supports Japanese private companies that contribute to solving issues in developing countries by assisting them with overseas market entry. JICA has for years acquired its network, trust, and know-how with governments of developing countries through the Official Development Assistance (ODA). With these soft assets, JICA co-creates value together with Japanese private companies.

Spectee conducted a feasibility study through researching similar cases for a year in 2023. The result showed Spectee Pro’s high potential for success as a business and that it can significantly raise the disaster response capacity of the Philippines. The service will now move on to the the launch phase through the recently approved Dissemination, Demonstration, and Business Development Project.


Current Situation and Issues in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. However, similarly to Japan, it is prone to natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, not to mention its vulnerability to climate change. Although the Philippine government allocates a yearly budget for disaster preparedness, its information systems and facilities in the field are deemed inadequate. New disaster prevention measures empowered by technological innovations are desperately needed.


Overview of Spectee’s Proposal

Spectee provides its real-time AI disaster prevention and crisis management service – Spectee Pro – to local governments, private companies, and media organizations in Japan. By analyzing SNS postings, weather information, vehicle probe data, live camera footage etc., it can rapidly collect, visualize, and predict disasters and crises worldwide.

Joining JICA’s project, Spectee is preparing Spectee Pro for the Philippines on a trial basis. The public sector will be the first to adopt and test out the service. Based on user feedback, it will gradually improve its functionality in line with the needs of the field. At the same time, Spectee Pro will also be introduced to media organizations and private companies.


Potential of the Proposal and Future Development

Spectee Pro is a cloud-based SaaS, and can be easily introduced as long as there is internet connection. No initial investment is required for system development. Compared to launching a large-scale information system, Spectee Pro is far easier for local governments in the Philippines to implement. Currently, many areas in the Philippines have not yet established a system to gather necessary information in the event of a disaster. The introduction of Spectee Pro will therefore bring about rapid progress in their disaster preparedness.

Using the Philippines as a starting point, Spectee plans to expand to other ASEAN countries, Asia, Europe, and North America. With technology originating in Japan, a disaster-prone country, Spectee shall strive to save as many lives as possible by raising disaster preparedness around the world.

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