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Asahi Kasei Homes Corp.

Significantly reduced the time required for assessing damage and understanding the affected areas.


1. Challenges before implementation, and the reason for implementation

Difficulty in sourcing information during disasters

As part of our comprehensive resilience efforts, we place a strong emphasis on providing support to our customers living in homes managed by our company. For instance, our call center not only handles customer inquiries but also reaches out to customers in areas affected by disasters. In the past, our primary source of information during disasters and other events was media reports. However, we faced challenges in terms of speed and comprehensiveness. After witnessing a demo of Spectee Pro, we were impressed by its ability to collect real-time SNS information comprehensively. During the free trial period, we compared it with other services and found that Spectee Pro offered better usability for a holistic Business Continuity Planning (BCP) approach. Features like the ability to register locations and the ease of checking past information contributed to our decision to implement it. Moreover, the high accuracy in screening out rumors and misinformation was a significant factor in our choice.

2. Utilization examples of Spectee Pro

Identifying disaster-affected areas quickly and utilizing the information from sources like SNS for customer support

In our company, when significant events such as earthquakes or river flooding occur, we proactively reach out to customers in areas where damage is anticipated through our call center. We also inspect areas with predicted damage before customers contact us. For instance, when a debris flow occurred in Atami in July 2021, we could use Spectee Pro to almost real-time confirm the local damage situation. Additionally, during the heavy rainfall and river flooding in Hiroshima Prefecture in August 2021, we swiftly identified areas where damage was expected, enabling us to contact and inspect affected customers promptly, which resulted in appreciation from our customers.

Using Map Display Mode and the app to collect information without omission

We keep the Spectee Pro screen accessible at all times while working. In our case, we want to understand the potential damage to homes and their respective areas during natural disasters, so we have configured the notifications and display settings to prioritize information related to natural disasters. This information is viewed in map mode. In times of crisis, when various information is constantly flowing, the ability to review only the necessary information is highly valuable. Additionally, employees in managerial roles at the director and department head levels have installed the Spectee Pro app on their smartphones, allowing them to access information at any time during emergencies.

3. Effects after installing Spectee Pro

Significant reduction in the time and effort required to assess damage and understand affected areas

Our company monitors various disaster information, not just earthquakes and typhoons but also hail (hailstorms). For instance, in April 2017, a large hailstorm centered around Toshima and Bunkyo wards in Tokyo caused significant damage, including broken window glass and exterior components. Such information is often not extensively covered in the media, so we previously relied on customer reports or direct outreach to customers to confirm the situation and identify the extent of the damage, which consumed a considerable amount of time and effort. Now, by using Spectee Pro, we can quickly assess the on-site situation based on SNS information with images and videos. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the required effort. It has become much easier to understand the conditions of various disaster sites, including water-related disasters and tornadoes, in addition to hailstorms.

4. Future outlook

Enhancing total resilience by leveraging the facility registration feature. Our company continues to prioritize “total resilience” for our customers. We aim to achieve this by harnessing new services and technologies such, as Spectee Pro. In particular, we have recognized the value of the facility registration feature in Spectee Pro for assessing the status of all Hebel Houses and are considering its internal use. We also want to incorporate Spectee Pro into our internal disaster preparedness training sessions, which are conducted regularly in anticipation of major disasters like the Nankai Trough event.

*Please note that this information is accurate as of June 2022.

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