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Collecting necessary risk information in real-time, enabling smooth understanding of its impact on the business.


1. Challenges before implementation, and the reason for implementation

Challenges in the rapid collection of risk information

Our team is responsible for managing crisis and business continuity plans for the Sony Group. We had encountered challenges in collecting information during crisis. For example, in the event of a fire at a manufacturing facility, the headquarters needs to have an accurate understanding of the on-site situation for initial response and external inquiries. As a solution to this issue, we learned about the existence of Spectee Pro, which allows real-time collection of risk information from disasters and accidents worldwide, and we decided to implement it.

2. Utilization examples of Spectee Pro

Collecting risk information near the facilities through email alerts

We utilize the “Facility Registration” feature of Spectee Pro by registering the locations of Sony Group’s facilities. When specific events occur within a certain distance of these facilities, we have set up notifications to be sent via email. For situations that require on-site verification based on this information, we share the information with relevant departments and coordinate the response.

Swiftly assessing the impact on the business during disasters

In the event of disasters or accidents, it is crucial to swiftly assess their impact on the business. For instance, when an earthquake occurred off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture in March 2022, we used Spectee Pro’s map display feature to identify potentially affected business sites and monitored the subsequent situation. Ultimately, there was no significant impact on the business, but being able to confirm this swiftly was a meaningful achievement.

3. Effects after installing Spectee Pro

Efficient collection and verification of necessary risk information through the utilization of social media information

During disasters, there is often an overload of information. Our goal is to quickly collect accurate information that may impact our business from the vast sea of information. Social media information is known for its speed, but concerns about the volume of information, credibility, and lack of location details existed. Information provided through Spectee Pro undergoes thorough fact-checking and employs unique techniques for location identification. This has allowed us to confidently use social media as an information source. Fortunately, we haven’t had a high frequency of information regarding disasters or accidents at our own facilities in the past. However, we can now verify incidents occurring near our facilities and receive reassuring information that they do not affect our business. For example, if we receive a fire alert near our registered facilities, we can check social media images and videos to confirm that the fire isn’t of significant scale. Similarly, if there’s information about a power outage near a manufacturing facility, we can directly contact the site to confirm the situation.

4. Future outlook

Continuing to adapt and evolve in response to changing environmental conditions and technological advancements. Spectee Pro is driven by a mission to “visualize crises” and is committed to engaging in socially significant endeavors. Given the interconnected nature of Sony Group’s business with numerous other companies, our focus extends beyond our own employees as we contemplate how we can make a positive contribution to society. We are actively involved in a variety of initiatives. It’s important to recognize that Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process that requires regular updates to remain aligned with changing environments and evolving technology. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate on various initiatives in the future.

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